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Nigeria: A nation in reverse separatism

CALLS for the rebirth of the defunct Republic of Biafra have been increasingly heard on the streets of Nigeria in recent times. Following the reunification of Nigeria and Biafra in 1970, the world looked forward to a new Nigeria without the ethnic-tinged political injustices that had alienated one of the most important ethnicities in Nigeria – the Igbos and their near-kins- to the point of seeking a country of their own by force in 1967.

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Uzuegbunam, Nigeria

John-Mary Uzuegbunam: Potential Nigerian striker?

John-Mary Uzuegbunam, 26, is a Nigerian-Cameronian striker plying his trade with Shenzhen FC in the Chinese Super League. Married to Serbian, Adrijana Ajdukovi, Uzuegbunam, the Onitsha-born footballer started his amateur footballing career in eastern Nigeria before moving to Cameroon, where he played at the Cameroonian professional league. Uzuegbunam moved to Buriram United in Thailand in
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Cellphones: More harm than good?

ARGUABLY, mobile phones have become a necessity for mankind. In today’s technological world, it may be hard to imagine life without mobile phones. While the device comes with innumerable benefits to the user, it also has disadvantages which might not be known to the user. Most people sleep with their phones beside or under their pillows and others keep their phones at arm’s length when in bed.

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