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Nigeria, France want Africa on UN Security Council seat

AHEAD of a new phase of negotiation at the United Nations General Assembly, this month, aimed at producing a synthesis of the proposal for a permanent seat for Africa in the Security Council, President Goodluck Jonathan and his host, Mr. Nicholas Sarkozy, yesterday, resolved to support immediate reformation of the United Nations Security Council to include Africa as permanent member.

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How to effect internal democracy within ruling parties (3)

BOTH the old rulers and the rulers-in-waiting ruled the same society, the colonial province of Nigeria. On September 2, 1957 Tafawa Balewa became the first Prime Minister of the British Colony, Nigeria. After the 1959 Independence elections he became on October 1, 1960, the first transitional Prime Minister voted for in colonial Nigeria and to be Prime Minister of an independent Nigeria. The federal election in 1964 was the first organised by the Federal Government of an independent Nigeria.

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Shell, Chevron tackle gas flaring climate change

Against the background of global anger over the inability of BP to contain the spillage of thousand tons of oil into the Mexican gulf, Shell Petroleum Development Corporation and Chevron Oil have been outlining their corporate policies to deal with the challenges of climate change by reducing the flaring of the of associated gas from oil fields in the oil bearing region of Nigeria

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