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Council denies corruption at Delta Physical Education College

He maintained that he was the first to notice the abnormally in the e-payment system and drew the management attention to it but after thorough investigation, “I discovered that it was nothing but a computer error from the office of the Accountant-General of the state,” he said, adding that the money had been paid back into government confers by the school’s management.

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Firm launches new waterproof technology for building, engineering industries

For the first time, a world patented, Nano technology-based water soluble waterproofing agent known as Zycocil has been introduced into the Nigerian market to boost building and engineering construction in the country.
It can be easily applied by spray brush or roller to new and existing masonry structures to protect them from mildew, fungus, efflorescence, leaching, stains, premature ageing, scaling, spalling and corrosion of reinforced steel.

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