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Halliburton: Presidency orders suspects’ prosecution

Following Vanguard’s exclusive report last week of the American government’s threat to dump its support and mobilise the international community against supporting President Goodluck Jonathan if he decides to contest the 2011 elections unless culprits in the $190 million Halliburton scandal were brought to book, the Presidency has ordered the immediate prosecution of all the eight suspects indicted by the Halliburton scandal with the amount now put at $198million.

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The labour of our heroes past

For a graduate of the Abacha School of Torture who by self-avowal had been through the valley of the shadow of death, it was both natural and not asking too much to expect that he would be different. True Obasanjo has not been shown to manage a killer squad, but his military past seems to have clung to him so much that he abhorred opposition, especially where such opposition displayed sufficient know-how that called into question Baba’s know-it-all tendencies.

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