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Actis restates commitment to emerging markets’ development

Actis, a private equity    investor in developing countries’ capital market, has restated its commitment to the development of emerging markets in Africa and around the world, through partnering with Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) in these countries, by helping them achieve their growth plans and contributing positively to the economic development of their various
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Again, militants blow up Chevron facility

* MEND apologizes to Chief Clark By Emma Amaize WARRI- MOVEMENT for Emancipation of the Niger-Delta (MEND) yesterday bombed the Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL)-owned Okan manifold, which controls about 80 per cent of the company’s off shore crude oil to its BOP Crude Loading Platform in Delta State. The group also made a volte face
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A Clamour for more Information

Banks shareholders are agitating for detailed disclosure, in precise term, of how much contribution their off-shore subsidiaries are making to the overall performance of the group given the huge shareholders’ funds deployed in setting them up, Lucky Fiakpa writes

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Dangote wants cement import banned

Dangote and his co-cement manufacturers alleged in the petition that the Ministry of Commerce and Industry had allowed the importation of cement into the country at the expense of local manufacturers.
The petitioners, it was learnt, argued that local manufacturers had invested a lot in machinery and equipment to set up factories to produce cement locally.

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Sanusi’s Interview With London Financial Times (2)

In last week’s column, we invited Sanusi to take a closer look at the proposal in our paper titled “A Liberalised Foreign Exchange Market: and its Economic Benefit” Boyo/Ojomaikre 2002 to the National Economic Intelligence Committee (see in which we recommended that CBN auditors be permanently embedded in the Treasury and Foreign Exchange Departments of each bank as the only way to guarantee that the information submitted by our banks are accurate and reflect a true position of their state of health.

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