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Destressing the right way

lot has been said about stress and it’s effects on your health and beauty. Still it appears there is no escape if you live in a cosmopolitan city such as Lagos. If you’re a working woman, you’re even more prone, with multiple responsibilities at home, work and to extended family. We’ve heard it all from
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Every Business Involves Risk Taking — Lara Faseyitan

Lara Faseyitan, MD/CEO of Lardiva Clothing and Events, is a fashion designer and events planner, par excellence. This is easily seen from the ambience she exudes all around her. She is on the board of Fashion Management Agency Ltd along with three others, a place earned by a scorecard of exceptional achievement, in the fashion industry.
In this interview with Sunday Vanguard she talked elaborately about the fashion sense that distinguishes her from all others.

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Be Bread Smart

Bread can be a friend or a foe depending on why you eat it, how you eat it and when you eat it. Love it or hate it bread has been an important staple through all of history and continues to be. It is now a question of understanding the kinds of breads there are and what makes the difference between them.

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Why we’re promoting reduced salt intake – Odunowo

With an estimated 17 million people dying from cardiovascular disease each year and salt consumption increasing in spite of warning from scientists over its contributory role, three Nigerian women have risen to salvage the Nigerian populace. These three widely-travelled women are particularly concerned about the excess salt contained in most sausages in the country and have therefore jointly established Timepiece Farmer’s Choice Limited to pursue this cause. A graduate of Howard University, Mrs.Kemi Odunowo, Director of the group, spoke with Feminista.

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What will you get your mother on Mothers’ Day?

If you have not given it a thought then it’s about time you did, because Mothers’ Day is around the corner and it’s not a time for business as usual; but the day to celebrate that great woman who gave you life and nurtured you to be what you are toady. Remember, not all persons who are given birth can lay claim to being called mothers, so celebrate yours. Also, remember those who have lost their own children and those who do not have biological children, but do nurture others.

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