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Adesuwa Onyenokwe: Empowering women through the power of the media

‘women are good managers because by nature they manage two roles: motherhood and wifehood”. The programme grew to the extent that she became a brand and she had more leverage. She was able to invite to her show women of timbre and calibre. She didn’t only chat with these women, but through their support, she added to the lives of the younger generations, but the programme was rested after 10 years of its existence. A magazine that she titled TW (Today’s Woman) was birthed in its place.

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14-yr-old girl raped by father inspired me to establish rehabilitation centre – Founder, Mirabel Centre

Mrs. Itoro Eze-Anaba is the founder of Mirabel Centre, a foundation set-up to provide free-of-charge rehabilitation for rape victims. For being a trend setter and with her hard work and persistence for setting-up the first rehabilitation centre for rape victims in Nigeria, she emerged one of the three finalists at the much celebrated Vlisco Women’s Month Award 2015, which held at Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos, last Sunday.

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How to get the sex life you crave!

‘The cliché of the frigid wife who doesn’t want sex has been replaced by a new reality: Women who are married or in a committed relationship want to be having more sex”, so observed Philip, a sexologist at a recent workshop on how married couples could improve their love life. Sometimes the issue is simply about intercourse – they’re not getting enough, or what they\’re getting just isn’t that good.

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Why should you be mad because your ex found a better replacement?

When a relationship breaks, and all the accusations have subsided, you might feel some sort of relief. For one ting, it would now be obvious your ex is no longer the love of your life nor is he your soul-mate. For another, you no longer have to put up with his spending hours in front of the telly watching boring football whilst you get infuriated to the point of throttling him. Peace at last, you sigh. No more tantrums in restaurant and no petty rows at parties because other men flirted with you. You’re basking in this euphoria when you get a big jolt – you find yourself face-to-face with your replacement. All the good work you’ve done over the months trying to get over him is now out of the window. He might not be good enough for you, but why should he be attracted to someone else?

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We are in the age of Throw-away Marriages

Your television has been giving you a lot of troubles for a while. Finally, half-way through the family’s favourite programme, it packs up altogether. It was an old model and your local repairman can no longer work any magic. The best thing to do is give it a rest and buy a brand new one or could it still be salvaged?

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When does fidelity stop being important for an older woman?

What some women would do to be in a relationship! Some months back, during a heated discussion on the rising numbers of cougars flaunting their wealth and trapping gold-digging gigolos, Tope, a ‘sinfully’ rich industrialist in her late-fifties told the discussants smugly that: “At my age, all you have to bring into a relationship is loyalty and trust – these are more important than monogamy. While women are fertile, I think sexual loyalty is crucial. But as time goes on, you just shrug it off That’s why you look the other way when a younger lover wants to play away …”

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