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Re: Does the sex of your child matter?

Pastor Stephen, Port Harcourt. ‘Sister Helen, all the friends I discussed this issue of the sex of a baby with, over here in Owerri, told me that the sex of their child is of great importance to them. They prefer the male child. One of them even said that he wouldn’t mind if he doesn’t have a female child. I agree with him. I would like a female child, but I will not be distressed if God doesn’t give me one.

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Our government and our roads

Lucky knows how anxious I am about being early for appointments, and yet he chooses to report for duty as late as he can. I’m not taking it any more.” “Darling, but he’s a good driver who used to be punctual. It’s the rainy season and the floods which make him report late.”

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Re: A ministry for children

Again, some people may question how successful these imported ideas have been. If they didn’t work out well, it would have been the Nigerian factor that was at play, not that those ideas were bad. In most national issues, the average Nigerian has a way of putting himself first, thinking of how he can benefit from it personally than to how much good it would do the country and its citizens.

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