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Concerns for Mr. President

I commiserate with the President’s immediate family and fellow Nigerians in general. Kidney and Heart conditions are not very good combinations for anyone. The President is in dire need of our prayers. While we carry out this humanitarian obligation, it is pertinent to objectively examine the scenarios to determine whether calls for Umaru Yar’Adua’s resignation were timely or ill advised.

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Does Ngige think we’re gullible?

IT was the black American Musician Tony Wilson, who sang of the politician as a ‘man of many words.’ Wilson’s satire is a poignant commentary on the politician’s tendency to bamboozle his audience with hot, empty rhetoric. Political leaders who have scant regard for moral values, will most probably be given to flippancy.

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Tiger’s public golf and Woods private gulf

This complexity makes it possible for a man to wear a smile on his face while carrying a dagger in his heart. A woman’s complexion conceals her hearty affection for Mr. A while her lips say “I love you “ to Mr. B. Those who are wise try to simplify their lives by living honestly, and humbly and responsibly. They resolve the complexity by doing to others what they wish others to do to them.

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Tribute : Elegy to Don Bruce

By Eddie Iroh ON December 11, 2009, a mere fortnight before Christmas, a truly great Nigerian was returned to mother earth. His name is Famous Chukwudi Usumero, aka Don Bruce, a stage name he had borne for over thirty years of dedicated service in the entertainment industry.

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