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WAEC, NECO and varsity admission

The so-called Universal Basic Education (UBE) has not made any meaningful impact on the social and economic upliftment of the pupils and students. Rather the public funds in addition to that from donor agencies have been flowing into the private bank accounts of top officials and political appointees in the Federal Ministry of Education and the Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC).

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INEC: Not the final word

The real winners are Anambra State and Nigeria. The honest among us will confess to the premonition that February 6 would initiate a season of bloodbath. It didn’t happen. The event passed off peacefully for which some credit must also go to Mr. Ogbonna Onovo, the Inspector General of Police (IGP).

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Lagos’ contribution to race retrieval

Eyo is unarguably the biggest cultural festival in Lagos . To say that Lagosians relish the annual festival is to say the obvious. But this week, bigger cultural festival is currently holding in Lagos . The festival is taking on international dimension and so the focus of cultural minded people around the world which presently be shifted to Lagos as it hosts the Black Heritage Festival.

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Time wasting at IMSU

THE recent dismal performance of our students nationwide in the NECO exams results is a climax of the continued decay in our educational system in this country. We have all the human and material resources to do better, but leadership failure remains the bane of growth and development in our education sector.

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Gossip as a profession

I WILL begin this piece by telling a simple story. The dramatis personae, is a self- acclaimed principal actress (not in Nollywood). She doubles as a traditional ruler’s wife. By all human standards, she is a comfortable woman. She is in a well paid job. She has children who are holding their own in varying fields of endeavour. What I will stoutly resist is disclosing her name.

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