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Oando, reaping benefits of diversification

When early this month news filtered from Ghana, that Oando, a wholly Nigerian oil and gas company had been selected as strategic partner to the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) to develop a $1 billion gas infrastructure and assets for the Jubilee oilfield (Ghana’s biggest oil discovery), the report seem to have validated the strategic intent of Oando’s diversification programme.

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Nigeria Petroleum Industry Bill and Investment prospect in the oil and gas industry( 1)

The Nigeria’s petroleum industry bill has generated a lot of concern from all stakeholders in the industry; from the policy makers, operators, and human right activist to host communities. The Bill according to Nigeria’s senate president has generated more criticism than any other Bill in the senate. It is apparent that Nigerians are concerned with how the bill will ultimately affect the lives of the ordinary man on the streets.

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Reps plan passage of NCB, PIB before December

Mr. Tam Brisibe is the erstwhile chairman of the House of Representatives Petroleum Committee. Following the House’s return from recess, all standing committees were dissolved and have still not been reconstituted. On the sidelines of the 2009 Nigerian Content Consultative Forum, he spoke with Hector Igbikiowubo, Editor of Sweet crude on his plans to pass the Nigerian Content Bill as well as the Petroleum Industry Bill before end of December 2009. He also addressed a wide range of related issues.

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