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Silver/grey hair weekend

As a result of all the correspondence I received from all the white-haired women out there, the studio will be having a special weekend set aside for clients who have gone white [please put things in perspective, it is not grey hair!] and want to stay white.

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A priceless Gift: Honesty

If I am hurting you in some way but you aren’t telling me what you think or how you feel, how can I adjust my behavior? I am not a mind-reader. In fact, I don’t think I’ve met anyone yet who is. Since we know people can’t read our minds, why do we assume that they can figure out how we feel by our subtle (or exaggerated) indirect messages? You know what I mean… sighing, rolling of the eyes, stoic silence or on the other hand, sarcastic remarks, cursing, yelling or stomping out.

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Colour Me Beautiful

Six months in Lagos and I have seen enough to safely say that there is a distinct misunderstanding of colour in this city. It is everywhere you look; on the streets, in fast food joints, and in interiors around Lagos we are working against rather than with colour.

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We Can Turn Tourism into our Main Source of Revenue

Everyone has seen the Director General of the Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC) Otunba Olusegun Runsewe, in full traditional garb. Very few know that he is a veritable sports enthusiast who takes his physical fitness very seriously. Standing well over six feet without his cap, in full sports gear and newly broken sweat , he joins Morenike Taire for a chat after a round of golf at the delightful IBB golf course in Abuja (the best in West Africa and one of the best in Africa), he could easily be mistaken for a tourist rather than their chief host.

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Balancing Your Diet 2

The body needs a certain amount of fats for various vital functions. The brain is made up of about 60 percent fats, and so is the nervous system. All hormones are created out of essential fats and the skin is lubricated and protected by essential fats.

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Itb is service that counts

How do you distinguish your business from the competition? Service, not cost will keep your customers coming back. Service is not just a smile or pleasant tone of voice. Authentic service is ethical, value based and practiced all the time. Our values may include integrity, accountability, quality, collaboration, and teamwork.

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The Sun & You

I went to a restaurant on Malibu Beach (a long time ago) and sat out on the pier basking in the hot rays of the sun. It felt so good and comforting. I closed my eyes and enjoyed a good baking. I insisted on not using a parasol and must’ve been out there for close to 2 hours (You’d think I should know better right?)

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