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Get Clear: What do you REALLY want?

Have you ever sat down and put in writing a detailed answer to the following question: “What do I desire to create in all aspects of my life?”Most people I encounter haven’t done this. While they may have a general sense of what they want to experience, they often couldn’t describe their vision for their
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Deepen Your Faith

Do you feel lost in the darkness of uncertainty? Many people I encounter these days are struggling—facing layoffs, worried about the volatile world financial situation, concerned about paying their bills, dealing with difficult partners and challenging children. They feel exhausted from wrestling with their fears; their mind continually frets. How will they make it through
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Positive Practices for healthy relationships

Some of us were blessed with loving parents.   Others experienced parental neglect, rejection or abuse.  The example our parents give us is our main teaching on parenting.  Sometimes this training fell short.  We were not taught how to show love, respect or support.  In other words we never saw in practice the principles that build
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