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Remedy for Insanity

Is there a person in your life you think needs changing? Almost all of us would answer “Yes” to that question. This week several of my clients have been facing struggles with people whose attitudes, words and actions they believe need major adjustments. As I worked with them, I gained valuable clarity for myself.

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Mid-Year Refocus

Just before the New Year I wrote an article asking you a question, “What is possible for you and Nigeria?” I wanted to encourage each of us to look closely at our mind set as we entered 2010. I hoped to help us clarify our commitment to creating the personal and national progress we each long for. Our mental set regarding what is or isn’t possible determines the way we spend our resources.

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Truth Sets You Free

I have a life coaching client who suffered a stroke several years ago.  After her stroke she couldn’t walk, couldn’t talk well and didn’t look normal.  She told me that people would just stare at her, obviously questioning in their mind what had happened to her.  Yet, no one would ask about her physical challenges. 
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Notice Your Control Dramas

We human beings are highly predictable creatures.  We want to believe that our life stories (especially the “tragic” ones) are unique.  Yet, when we look more closely we see, in general, a limited number of patterns, variations on themes. Dramas are being played out all around us every day:  parent-child, husband-wife, employer-employee, boyfriend-girlfriend, government-constituent, buyer-
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