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The healing power of golf

Many golfers, both amateurs and professionals, have described golf differently. Some say it is a game of life,. They have in their own way vividly captured the importance of the game that is seen as an elitist game. According to some of them, golf reveals the character of a golfer:

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Lack of title sponsor:Lack of title sponsor: Clubs don’t have hope of getting a dime from NPL

The Nigeria Premier League season kicked off last week with clubs not knowing if there is any money coming to them from the NPL. It is a norm that at the beginning of every season, clubs get some percentage from the title sponsors deal. Last season they got some fund from title sponsor, Globacom but with the firm out of the picture, clubs are not sure if they will be getting anything from anybody. Their only hope now is their state governments who have always funded the clubs.

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