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Additional reasons Nigeria might not lift 100 million out of poverty

 Professor Pat Utomi in his recent book WHY NOT? Had written at length about how Banking Consolidation under Professor Charles (now Chukwumah) Soludo had ruined Nigeria’s banking sector for decades to come. Utomi had faulted what I later named Con-Soludo-tion (because it turned out to be a costly scam) largely on the grounds that imposing a “one size fits all” policy was not advisable. I totally agree with Pat because there is no fast growing economy in the world that has adopted that straight jacket approach to its banking sector.

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5 reasons Nigeria will remain poverty capital until 2023

POSSIBLY, several of the card carrying members of the All Progressives Congress, APC, present clapped lustily when the President made that statement. That is to be expected. Loyal politicians at campaign rallies are not expected to think critically about what their leaders say. Their role is to applaud anything pronounced. Other observers still in possession of their thinking caps could easily determine that the statement was totally empty for several reasons. Five reasons will be sufficient to illustrate the point.

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No minimum wage yet: What will NLC do now?

MAY salaries and wages have been paid by the Federal and State governments without the minimum wage directive being put into effect. President Buhari and leaders of the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, as well as the erstwhile minister of labour, Ngige, who obviously did not know the limits of his authority, can now go and hide their faces in shame. I told them categorically that only a gross violation of the constitutional guarantee of separation of powers between the Federal and State government can induce governors to accept instructions from Buhari to start implementation with immediate effect.

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Congrats CBN Governor, but there is wahala (2)

THE easiest way to be loved, even pampered by those in power in Nigeria, or elsewhere for that matter, is to always shower praises on measures proposed or taken by the leaders. Request for appointments are quickly granted and other favours follow. That is the subtle form of bribery and corruption which corrodes the basis of society as surely as the barefaced embezzlement of public funds by the custodians of funds and trusts. It is even much easier when one generally agrees with the official to fall into the trap of becoming a cheap praise-singer. It is tendency that must be fought always.

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The famine this year and next

THERE are several fires raging in Nigeria today which will overpower us unless President Muhammadu Buhari wakes up from his slumber, and moves quickly to put them out. But, one fire is now on the verge of breaking out and its consequences will dwarf all the others by actually escalating them. Famine on an unprecedented scale is building up in the land and, if government fails to take pre-emptive steps, it will make Boko Haram, herdsmen and bandits menaces appear like child’s play. Indeed, famine will turn virtually the majority of our people into bandits.

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The minimum wage swindle

PRESIDENT Muhammadu Buhari signed into law the Minimum Wage Bill passed by an equally cynical National Assembly, NASS, whose leaders are still smarting from the shellacking they individually and collectively received from voters in February. It is still a bad dream for one or two of them who had assumed they had their states in the palm of their hands to do as they wished with them.

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