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Who is minding the economy now?

EVER since he was appointed the Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Export Promotion Council, Mr. Awolowo has been singing the same song. When it comes to sounding like a broken record, he is in good company. The Chief Executive Officer of Nigeria Plc, President Buhari never changes his tune anywhere he goes.

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The 18 million mouth gap in Nigeria

BUHARI’s obsession with becoming President, which was eventually  rewarded with success in 2015 on account of the efforts of people like me has taught me a lesson which I should have learnt earlier. When some one becomes fanatical about acquiring power people should beware. The result is almost always tragic. The test of honesty is money; the test of integrity is power. The Buhari we thought we knew was a fellow with utmost integrity who will neither condone corruption nor indiscipline. The Buhari we have is a President not only comfortable with corruption but one who has raised indiscipline to high rank. Allied to that is a government which apparently is run without regard to who the government is set up to serve.

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Poorer now richer in the long run

Alfred Marshall, the father of classical economics and the person who pointed out the principles of comparative advantage taught us what any professional economist must understand as his main contribution to society at large. Given the scarcity of resources, even in temporarily affluent nations like the USA, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, no nation has all the resources to do all that it needs to do, now and in the future.

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