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Don’t make the home too comfortable so the kids’ won’t want to leave!

TODAY’S children are the most pampered. You pay through you nose to give them the best education, pull all the strings you can to get them the job they grudgingly admit they might like only to be faced with the most daunting of tasks – how to kick your seemingly independent ‘child’ out of the family nest he’s been cocooned since birth.

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Yes, money does guarantee a happy marriage!

When I eventually had time to talk to Dunni’s mum, she told me he employed Fareedah because she was a go-getter. “She had ways of weeding late payments from difficult customers. I didn’t ask questions as to how she did it so successfully, but your guess is as good as mine. Now she has her claws into my son. She knows how much the business is worth and she’s happy helping him spend the money.

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Why teenage children don’t get on with their father’s new wives

THE horrors of divorce, once dubbed the modern epidemic, are nothing compared with the nightmare of constantly living with the evidence that the parents who’d painstakingly drummed moral values into you are afterall not infallible. Divorce, though painful is at least cut and dried. The end of a marriage is imminent, children, thank heavens, are resilient and adaptable to change.

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Why would you date a married man? (4)

I got a mail from a lady who demanded to know the big deal about dating a married man. According to Tosin, the married man is the devil you know who is better than the angel you don’t know. Tosin claimed that on the occasions she dated married men, she did not expect commitment from them because the men knew she was dating them as breadwinners and nothing else.

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