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Can you marry an ex convict?

T he marriage arrangement is in place. The wedding cards are ready for distribution.
Suddenly, the rumours get to you: your partner is an ex-convict. As if the rumour is not shocking enough, when you confront your partner, your worst fear is confirmed. Will you overlook the past and carry on with your marriage plans?

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‘Being the other woman is not so bad’

LAGOS life has never held that much excitement for me, “said Kike, a 38- year old mother of three. “When I was admitted into a nursing school in Lagos after my secondary school, I was ecstatic. But I soon saw Lagos for what it was – a city with a frenzied lifestyle that I could never catch up with. I’d been born and bred in a fairly big town but to protective parents.

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Will you tell your friend his wife is dating your boss?

The coolness of the office as Frank entered his boss’s palatial reception was a welcome development.
He had suffered the heat of the afternoon sun to get drinks and snacks from a nearby eatery for Mr. Bruno’s (his boss)‘new catch’. The secretary was not on seat as she had been sent home earlier to make room for this ‘new catch’. It was the ways of Mr. Bruno as he would say, ‘I don’t want no old babe sniffing around’

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One-night stands could come in handy when you need a snack!

Before I could even consider it, he added. “I’m a good cook, you’ll enjoy my specialty (he didn’t say what it was!) The wife’s on holiday with the kids. You could bring a nightie if you like.” He needn’t spell out the type of a dinner date he was offering, and no, I didn’t slap his face. And I’m going to tell you whether or not I took him up on his offer!

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Are you desperate?

Desperation in a relationship could lead to a number of things. People do all kinds of things in their desperate bids to get hooked to someone. A lady shared an experience of how a guy lived off her for years in her bid to have him by his side at all times and at the end of the day, he left her kobo less, pregnant and abandoned. Jessica’s story stemmed from the fact that she thought that without that guy, she would not get another person to marry her and she was wrong.

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