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Who should you marry – a mumu (gentleman!) or a spoilt brat?!

“Labi, her second choice, is a bit wet behind the ears. So what? He loves Joan with a passion and has a good job. She doesn’t love him because he wasn’t aggressive enough but I told her that was exactly the man she should get married to. He was also a British citizen which meant their children would automatically become British. What could be better than that? I reminded her that in life, there are some perks money can’t buy!”

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The nightmare of coping with a drunkard spouse

He belonged to an evangelical church and sought the help of his pastor. He advised Henry to bring Gbemi to the church to stay a week, at least, for constant vigil and prayers so she could be weaned off alcohol. After arguing vehemently she wasn’t an alcoholic, Gbemi agreed to give the treatment a go to save her marriage. “After the one week,” Henry recalled, “she didn’t seem to be making much progress – she looked disorientated and I put it down to withdrawal symptoms.

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The dangerous games men play

An adult supposedly in love had already made up her mind about whom she chooses to be with, so telling anyone at all of her misgivings is a matter of information – not necessarily seeking their advice which may be what she didn’t want to hear.. So Angela got married and right from the start, stories of Rasheed’s indiscretions continued to make the rounds. After almost ten years, the marriage hit the rocks.

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