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Can social status bar true love?

From time, all societies pay allegiance to hierarchy among their members. There are leaders and followers, elite class and the poor class, urban and rural dwellers, the strong and the weak, rich and poor, servants and masters. The world is full of opposites.

In every society, social status has continued to remain a major barrier to love. It is common to hear people say their children won’t marry a particular person because he doesn’t belong to their class. Several marriages and other relationships have equally failed because of differences in education, socialisation, religion, race, ethnicity, or income.

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How a village mum struggles to adjust to her son’s new status

You know, this is a teaching hospital. Before I knew it, he’d summoned some medical students who filled the room. I was already in labour, and there they all were, peering curiously between my legs I’v ever been We’re being tested on breech births’, a female medical student breathed excitedly hold my hands and breathe deeply.

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Older men are not necessarily father Christmas!

They’re pot-bellied and walk so slowly they look as if they’re doing the moon-walk! Things they discuss are so mundane, I felt like climbing the wall the few times I’d met them. Not to think of the ease with which they fall asleep! And the thought that I would have to deal with them if the inevitable happened and I moved in with CTB, gives me the creeps! God forbid bad thing! Besides, CTB hasn’t even asked me to!!

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How can a supposed man of God do this to my marriage?

“My wife finally left the house and promptly travelled abroad. She’d been away ever since. With time, I learnt to live with the betrayal- it’s not something a man could forget. She has access to the children who all school abroad and we try to be civil to each other when we meet. The few times I’d seen her, I’d wondered what devil could possess a wife who seemingly had everything to sleep with a pastor in her matrimonial bed?!

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Want to get pregnant quickly? Get A Toy boy!

After a good meal and generous helpings of booze, one of the guests, a cosmetologist who runs a high-tech gym, proceeded to give us a pcp talk on how to look good and have wonderful sex at the same time. Ears perked up immediately as she popped open her compact suitcase cramped with very daring sex toys, and then proceeded to tell her eager listeners how to have prolonged and enjoyable sex.

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Older men could be love rats too!

Muri obviously knew where he was going and he pulled out all the stops in making Ibi fall for him like a ton of bricks – expensive lunches in discreet hotels that boasted room service, lavish present and cash gifts. He even took her ramshackled car to his mechanics for a very impressive make-over! Ibi was so impressed by her good fortunes that she told Dora, the girl she was having the cat-fight with all about it.

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