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How to avoid being used

‘MOST times, lying with my husband watching him sleep on his back, beer belly rising and falling with each snore, he doesn’t look appetizing in the least -especially with his treble chin and bald head. I am starting to find him repulsive…” Melisa looked so forlorn as she told me about the state of her marriage that I had to laugh. She wasn’t amused.

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When it’s wise to look the other way!

RONKE is nobody’s wife. She has never been married and doesn’t want to get married. She always insists that she is not a wife material. She has her hands in several businesses including ordering items on her label abroad to be sold here in the country. She lives next door to a young couple and her two kids eventually brought the two families together.

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Don’t make the home too comfortable so the kids’ won’t want to leave!

TODAY’S children are the most pampered. You pay through you nose to give them the best education, pull all the strings you can to get them the job they grudgingly admit they might like only to be faced with the most daunting of tasks – how to kick your seemingly independent ‘child’ out of the family nest he’s been cocooned since birth.

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