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The lover who refused to be used and dumped

“I tried to shut the door in his face, but he went berserk. Booting the front door open, he pushed his way into the flat.’ I love you Melisa’, he wined, ‘and I’m not leaving your house until you admit you love me too’ His eyes were bulging. He looked really demented. If I didn’t get him out of the flat soon, Seun would come back and find out about everything.

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When gigolos give you value for money!

ENO has been a non-conformist all her life, so this eventful day, she waited patiently at the VIP lounge of the local airport, fuming at the unnecessary delay in her flight when she noticed this young chap in his late thirties saunter towards where she was. Eno is in her late fifties. Curiously, she glanced at the seemingly shy man as he perched on a seat next to her. The conversation was stilled at first until Eno let it drop that she had an engagement at the Port Harcourt branch of the motel she ran. “He instantly became interested in what I had to say and was chatting away as if he’d just discovered his tongue,” Eno recalled. “When we eventually boarded the plane, it was inevitable that we sat together.

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