Wives who regret ever leaving their marriage

By Bunmi Sofola YOU get to a crossroads in your life and the road you decide to take could shape your life for ever – for better or worse.  Some 20 years ago, Jennifer, a dentist, had an affair which broke up her marriage to a man she had fallen in love with since they […]
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Dear Bunmi, I regret sleeping with my boss

“Dear Bunmi, my lover is happily married, so what we had was a fling. But why was I attracted to another man, when I love my husband? Is my marriage doomed?”

Some step-mums are god-sent!

By Bunmi Sofola One of the serious problems of second marriages is bonding with your step-children. It becomes a bit complicated when you have children of your own. Your step-children are instantly on the defensive – you love your children more than you love them, treat your children better and tell on them to their […]

A case of using what you have to get what you want?!

By Bunmi Sofola One of the biggest mistakes you can make is put your friend up in your flat ‘on a temporary basis’ especially when your place is a bit crammed.  Bilikis was desperate for a place to stay and Anne, her childhood friend put her up.  But now Ann’s ‘guest’ had been with her […]

Dear Bunmi, his brother still turns me on

I currently live with my boyfriend of six years and we have a lovely three-year-old son. Before I met my boyfriend, I had a crush on his brother and I’m afraid I still find him attractive. Every time I see him, the feelings get stronger. I can’t stop thinking about him, even though I now […]