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Help! My brother has been trying to rape me, lady cries out


A young lady who is being threatened by the actions of her brother has cried for help. According to the lady who pleaded anonymity,  the brother has been attempting to rape her and always masturbating before her while she is asleep. Rape we know is forbidden in every society, but what do we say to
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When the father is the rapist!

Why would a father rape his own child? Why would an uncle rape his niece? Is it true that when a man marries a woman who already has a teenage girl, he is actually targeting the teenage girl? According to rape survivors, the worst form of abuse that any woman can deal with is rape. If not properly and professionally handled, the survivor becomes psychologically traumatized, at times suicidal. Where the perpetrator is a family member, someone trusted, with an obligation to protect and care for the survivor, it becomes even more traumatic.

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Rape is about power (2)

Rape happens in every society but it flourishes in an environment where there is violence, where women’s voices are not heard and where perpetrators walk away free because the law is not effective and law enforcement officers are unable to differentiate between their professional obligations and their personal biases. This is even more difficult in a country like Nigeria where police officers are not equipped to tackle the menace of rape and sexual assault.

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Rape is about power

ONE of the biggest myths about rape and sexual violence is that it happens as a result of uncontrollable sexual desire. Being uncontrollable, the perpetrator cannot be held responsible for his actions. Therefore the survivor must have done something to be raped. Responsibility and blame are then shifted from the perpetrator to the survivor.

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