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Marginalising the Igbo may break up Nigeria

Britain wanted to break up Nigeria By Raph Uwechue Ethnic Diversity Every human being on God’s good earth today is simultaneously endowed with three inter-locking nationalities. The first is the Ethnic Nationality into which one is born and, in most cases, bred with natural distinguishing characteristics and primary communication mode such as language.

Our politicians are selfish – Obele

Anambra is in trouble if the 2010 guber election is held. These politicians are ready to deploy rocket launchers against their opponents. Their behavior shows their scanty regard for our votes. It is a case of once you emerge as PDP candidate, you are in as governor. Well, I blame this attitude on the present governor who squandered a great opportunity to put a halt on the PDP shenanigans. The governor is hypocritical, insincere and dishonest and his governance has thrown the government house doors wide open.

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ANAMBRA 2010: Waiting for Justice Ngwuta and co

For instance, many people agree that the performance of Mr. Peter Obi during his first tenure would definitely pose a threat to the ambition of others and they would therefore need to campaign vigorously to be able to stop him. With the unnecessary obstacles in the way of the campaigns, other candidates may soon discover that they do not have enough time to tell Anambra people why they should prefer them to Obi.

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Anambra needs game changer with vision – Obieke

Anyone who raises this question is clearly out of tune with the times. The Supreme Court ruled about four years ago that civil servants can join political parties. Besides, it is assumed worldwide that every central bank governor shares the philosophy and ideology of the administration which appointed him or her into the office. Who does not know that Allan Greenspan, the immediate past Chairman of Federal Reserve in the United States , is Republican.

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Politics Special : The PFN prayer

THE Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) last week rose from its national executive council meeting and declared that all is not well with the nation. Well, with many prophets who see where the rest of us don’t among them, it’s difficult to fault them. But then, no Nigerian needs any seer, or prophet to tell
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