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ACN’s style of imposition is strange to PDP

After eight years of legislative drafting and declarations in the House of Representatives, Barrister Gabriel Suswam in 2007 relocated to the executive branch of government as Executive Governor of his native Benue State. His coming has by several accounts brought remarkable change in the physical and infrastructural layout of the once quiet State.

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The Buhari/Bakare gambit

CALL him a veteran presidential candidate and you may not be wrong. Since 2003, Maj.-Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) has been trying to return to power as a civilian head of state, a position he once held as a military ruler and was kicked out from on August 25, 1985.

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Mubarak: The odyssey of the last Pharaoh

Embattled Hosni Mubarak belongs to the class of leaders who believes that they “can fool all the people, all of the time.” So, having fooled some of his country men and women, for 31 years, the last Pharaoh, last week, tried to “fool all of the people of Egypt all of the time,” which is exactly what he did successfully for three decades.

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