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Our clerics killed Project Nigeria – Hon. Nkeuruka Onyeajeocha

The things that went wrong are too many. Number one is that we left our values; we decided to go to other gods just like the Christians would say they abandoned their God and began to follow idols. When the traditional institutions began to honour those who have stolen funds and when the Church abandoned the Bible and decided to honour people who are known criminals and are giving them front row seats in the Church.

Joe Igbokwe’s ramblings vindicate Saraki

Yet some discerning minds saw it as a witchhunt given the Senate President’s well-known disagreement with his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) over the office he occupies and the constitution of the Majority Principal Officers of the Senate. While the party gave a long list of Senators that must be named the Principal Officers of the majority party in the Senate, Saraki chose to go along with the tradition where the party only zones offices to geopolitical zones, but allow Senators and Reps from those zones to elect their preferred candidate.

13 Nigerians who shaped the last 55 years

When the British Union Jack was lowered in the morning of Saturday, October 1, 1960 and the Nigerian Green, White, Green flag was hoisted, signifying the birth of an independent state, the Nigerian people had a supreme political leader in 47-year-old Alhaji Tafawa Balewa.

The Independence Speech: Reading the mind of the President

It’s been 55 years since the colonial masters left. We took freedom and lost our way. Asober and critical reflection on our journey thus far will be disheartening. We cried for change , change fell in place and we have aPresident passionate about rectitude . Shall we now jubilate? Our president is blunt by nature, but he wants us to be joyful.Should we merry?

Pandemonium as Kidnappers invade churches, mosques, target children

Kidnapping which started in the Niger Delta region of the country during the era of militancy witnessed cases of abduction of expatriates ,with ransom , both in foreign and local currencies reportedly paid for the release of the captives. The worrisome situation orchestrated by these perpetrators of the twin evil of oil bunkering and kidnapping for ransom, was blamed on government’s neglect of their region. This was followed by a brazen agitation for resource control.