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Keep your salaries, return the Camry cars

By Emmanuel Aziken The global coronavirus pandemic has seemingly struck the chord of charity among Nigeria’s ruling class. The members of the House of Representatives said this week that they would donate two months’ salary to the COVID-19 relief efforts. As with everything money concerning the National Assembly, the donation is dogged in secrecy and
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PDP to IGP: Stop Oshiomhole now

Political Notes: If Oshiomhole survives

By Emmanuel Aziken The outlook for Comrade as at press time was quite cloudy. Adams Oshiomhole, who had in the past bragged about effortlessly burying political godfathers, was grasping for survival in the face of trenchant opposition to him remaining as chairman of the country’s ruling party. The determined adversaries rubbed it home last Thursday
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COVID-19: Chinese doctors must undergo laid-down protocol – Gbajabiamila

Gbajabiamila’s exotic house

By Emmanuel Aziken There are indeed few Nigerians who are unfamiliar with the exotic, nay, glamorous inclination of Speaker Femi Gbajabiamila when it comes to appreciating valour, love, and patience. Gbajabiamila aptly showed that as a third-term member of the House of Representatives in 2018, when he gifted his lovely and adorable wife, an exotic
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Justice Mary Odili, APC

What happened to Odili?

By Emmanuel Aziken The attacks on Justice Mary Odili following the judgment on the Bayelsa State governorship election may have reawakened public awareness of one of the most veritable political players at the onset of the fourth republic, H.E. Dr Peter Odili. How time flies. If political permutations and money were the principal factors in
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