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Opposition mounts against removal of fuel subsidy

“WE have been treated to this fuel subsidy story since 1999. It has been the same sing song: ‘We will use the proceeds to provide amenities, build roads, provide healthcare, etc’. But none of the promises has been fulfilled. Rather, corruption has grown in leaps and bounds. More fuel price increase, more corruption.”

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I killed Gaddafi, Libyan rebel claims

A LIBYAN revolutionary fighter has bragged in a leaked video that he was the man who killed that country’s despotic former ruler, Colonel Moammar Gaddafi. The young man, who is pictured but has not yet been identified, said he killed the fallen dictator because he could not bear the thought of taking him alive.

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Protests trail Lagos council polls

By HENRY UMORU, EVELYN USMAN & BARTHOLOMEW MADUKWE LAGOS—Protests, Monday, trailed the local government elections held in Lagos last Saturday, as youths suspected to be supporters of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP,  yesterday, took to the streets of Somolu and Ikoyi and other areas, challenging the results of the election announced by the Lagos State
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