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Mobile payments will soon dominate epayment – Ecobank

The statistics though still high shows a reduction in ATM withdrawals from 2015, the truth is that this initiative will not change consumer behaviour overnight. It is a process. 15 years ago, ATMs or debit cards were not even in use but today they have become a way of life. We project a steady growth in the migration to alternative channels as they become more stable and reliable with new technology.

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Why Insurance stocks should trade below 50kobo per share – Foresight Securities

There are reasons that will make investors to invest. They are looking for certain things; may be dividend, capital appreciation or just prestige that ‘yes, I owe shares in this company’. Now, they are not seeing dividend. There is no motivating factor compelling them to invest in these shares and the companies themselves are not even telling the investing public what is happening to them.

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Skye Bank customers complain over disrespectful staff, failed money transfers

It is better for you to be checking your workers regularly. They have to respect customers. Sorry I’ll not mention names but please keep eyes on workers in Jimeta branch. They have to be disciplined. But not all of them, there is a woman in customer care, fair, tall. She listens to all kinds of people in a polite way and solves their problem. Please you can take a good care of that woman she knows her job.

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