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Wema Mobile banking is suitable for everyday banking needs – Adeyinka

Wema Mobile banking suite as the name applies is a mobile banking app with an array of functionalities to meet your everyday banking needs. It is very secure with high-end banking functionalities, some of which include Card Control- the power of your WemaBank debit card in your hands, NFC peer to peer transfers, Transaction limit increase, Inbuilt SMS banking (for when there is no internet connection on the phone), Simplified transfer to saved beneficiaries, to mention a few.

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Markets turn against 2017 Fiscal plan

IN the first week of resumption of businesses across all markets in Nigeria and abroad in 2017, market results are raising three pressure points in Nigeria’s 2017 fiscal and economic outlook. At close of markets, weekend, the initial upticks in the international price of crude oil had reversed, Naira value to the USDollar had also reversed its initial stability in the unofficial segment while retail prices of household commodities spiked further, poking the consumer price index upwards.

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Ghost workers: Who is deceiving who?

The Nigerian Public service is reportedly heavily burdened with a ghost population, who not only unexpectedly write job applications and present themselves for interviews, but who also open bank accounts and collect salaries, despite their human shortcomings! Curiously, the CBN’s “know your customers” directive to banks was obviously no deterrent to the establishment of bank accounts for such ghosts!

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Federal government building castles in the air

Dosumu attended Baptist Academy, then on Broad Street in Lagos Island, and was so good in Bible Knowledge, he was one of few members of his set who collected distinction in BK at the Cambridge School Certificate among a string of other distinctions. He went further to bag the prestigious ASPAU scholarship to study in the United States – becoming the first “Lagos Boy” to do so. He was in the Midwest of the USA where he and Dr Kalu Idika Kalu and others made Nigeria proud by their achievements. Each collected a doctorate in his field of study. Wahab’s was Engineering.

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How to leverage opportunities in the stock market – Onyema

The current state of the market creates both opportunities and challenges for investors. We believe that taking a portfolio approach to investing provides the best risk adjusted alternative to participating in the capital market. We provide a repertoire of products that will help investors to create portfolios with uncorrelated products. We became a multi-asset class exchange a few years ago and do offer exposure in equities, fixed income, ETFs (Golds, Bonds, Equities), real estate, REITs, etc.

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FG contract is strictly between the insurers through brokers

You see, this information is just coming out and of course we are trying to identify the source, the parties concerned, and all that. If you remember, we were talking about brokers who are unlicensed to practice. It may shock you to know that we have not yet identified all of them. It is quite impossible to do so, because, we have some brokers that are not even members of NCRIB, and some of them are the ones actually doing a lot of government businesses.

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Insurance industry experienced higher claims payment in 2016 – Efekoha

On the overall, I think the industry experienced higher claims payment in 2016 than 2015. I don’t have the numbers to support it. But I have my own company internal numbers. I have also seen some publications in the press and I want to take it that the industry experienced higher claims payout in 2016 than prior year. The reasons are not farfetched.

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