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From Marah to Elim

Marah is the place of bitterness while Elim is the place of fruitfulness, advancement, progress and fulfillment. You cannot get to Elim until you have gone through Marah. This is why it is so important to deal with whatever issues that are causing bitterness in your life. Beloved do know that right where that bitterness started or emanated from, the solution is already there. We trust God that by this message you will enter into your liberty and become fruitful roundabout. This is your season to shine.

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GKS frowns at current drive for stem cell research

By Sam Eyoboka THE growing interest    among research    scientists in various parts of the world for embryonic stem cell research has been given the thumbs_down by ministers of God’s Kingdom Society (GKS) who lamented the loss of life due to the destruction of human embryos besides the dire possibility of scientists developing the capacity for
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Walking in dominion (VII)

I told you that it is impossible to rise to the next level in life without encountering battles. There are no two ways about it! I also made it clear that God cannot make a promise to you without giving you a corresponding gift that will enhance the manifestation of His promise in your life.

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The master key to triumph!

Many people want to triumph in their businesses, careers and in the affairs of life, but they are quite ignorant of what it takes to do so. Some think of succeeding through short-cuts, not knowing that such short-cuts lead to dead-ends. Others feel they can triumph by cutting corners and playing pranks! These are not the ways to sincerely triumph in the affairs of life.

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Meltdown or no meltdown, children of God dwell in Canaan

Preamble: Those who have committed their lives to Jesus Christ have been translated from darkness, of which economic melt down is a key component, to the marvelous light of God Almighty. In 2009 and beyond, God will begin to, very graphically, manifest a difference between those who serve him and those who do not. Children of God have nothing to worry about in 2009 because they will graduate from Goshen to Canaan.

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