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Kidnap of lawmaker’s wife: How suspects’ abode was invaded and demolished

THE kidnap of the wife of Deputy Leader, Ebonyi State House of Assembly, Mrs. Winifred Ogbu last Friday evening along Gracecourt Hotel, Abakaliki, by a six-member gang which operated with motorcycles had led to the enactment of a new policy on kidnapping by the Ebonyi State government. The policy states that any building where kidnapped victims are kept with the knowledge of the owner, the structure will be demolished; and that if the owner of a building finds out that his residence was being used to keep kidnap victims and fails to report it to security agents, the building will also be demolished.

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Public outrage may arise against verdict’s misplaced expectations

By ‘Those Verdicts,’ I mean the verdicts that have at different times caused public umbrage and outrage thus giving the impression that a Judge’s verdict (or the Jurors’ as the case may be) was at variance with what the public thought would be the case. By coincidence, the verdict in a Florida Court came almost at the same time with the Court of Appeal’s acquittal of Al Mustapha, General Abacha’s ex Chief Security Officer who was incarcerated for several years for allegedly masterminding the execution in public of late Kudirat Abiola by Police Officers.

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