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How the Prophet taught morals

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) once said, “Who from my Ummah (universal nation) would learn five qualities to act upon or teach to those who would (in turn) act upon them?” Abu Hurairah said, “I, O Messenger of God.” The Prophet (peace be upon him) took Abu Hurairah’s hand and counted the five qualities on it, saying:

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When explosion in Udi heightened fear of Boko Haram

Residents of Amokwe in Udi Local Government Area of Enugu State are still unsettled since the explosion which occurred at the country home of a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Enugu State, Mr. Tony Emeka Eze. The residents were thrown into panic as they thought the explosion came from a bomb activated by Boko Haram insurgents.

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President has right to determine operational use of armed forces — Emukpoeruo

Robert Emukpoeruo is aLagos based lawyer, called to the Bar over two decades ago. He is the principal partner of a thriving law firm. In this interview, he examined the law on the President’s power to deploy military for election purposes, the usage of PVCs as well as the law enabling principal officers of the National Assembly to earn pensions till end of time.

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Blind, deaf students empowered with skills

The schools for the blind and deaf have recently acquired saving and investment skill as part of activities to commemorate 2015 Global Money Week. The financial empowerment seminar which took place at the Wesley School for the Deaf and Pacelli School for the Blind and Partially Sighted Children, witnessed huge participation as a non-governmental organization, Financial Literacy for All, FLA, equipped the students with the knowledge of how to save and spend wisely.

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Schools urged to adopt innovative methods in teaching Maths

PROPRIETORS and head teachers of primary schools in Nigeria have been urged to implement Abacus in their schools in order to lay a solid foundation for the progress of their students. Abacus, said Alhaji Jimoh Aare, Chairman of the Lagos Chapter of Mathematics Association of Nigeria, MAN, has the potential to empower students and help improve the pass rate in Mathematics.

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Land dispute: Septuagenarian cries out; says: ‘My life is in danger’

AS he sat on an old creaking armless chair during this chat, Olusegun Meranda 72, the only surviving male child of the popular Delfino Anthonio Da-Meranda Family in Lagos, presented a graphic picture of an unkempt and ailing septuagenarian needing shelter and medical attention. But his high-pitched voice and flawless command of English language punctured this misconception. The retired banker revealed that he had been in a hideout for over a year now, having narrowly escaped death from suspected assassins under the pay roll of an unnamed land grabber popularly called ‘Pastor’.

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