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Day protesters stormed Ikeja for Fashola

It began as a rumour which was stridently denied by the principal actors in the alleged face-off, Governor Babatunde Fashola and his immediate predecessor and mentor, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Although the rumour mill has for some time given the impression that all was not well between the duo in spite of their pretension to the contrary, they had maintained that their father-son cordial relationship remained intact.

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Apapa residents lament govt’s neglect

MOVING round some popular streets in Apapa Local Government Area, one will not fail to notice certain billboards conspicuosly mounted at strategic locations. On each of the billboards are the carefully displayed photographs of the Apapa Local Government Chairman, Hon. Ayodeji Joseph and a bad road placed side by side a newly constructed one with drainage system.

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Yuletide : Exodus as Lagosians move homeward

WITH just a day to Christmas, unarguably, the most popular and widely celebrated Christian feast, the various bus terminals and markets in the city are now a beehive of activities as those intending to travel besiege the terminals to board vehicles to the hinterlands while those who intend to stay back, engage in last minute shopping to purchase what they need for the yuletide.

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