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Lagos carnival of colour, glitz and splendor

The rich and brilliant display of culture bore close resemblance to the world famous Brazilian street carnival that is usually marked by breath-taking music, dance and colourful costumes. Indeed the event, the Third Black Heritage Festival, put together by the Lagos State government and its private sector partners was a week-long celebration and dramatization of the rich and limitless resourcefulness of the Black race.

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Help save my premature triplets from dying

Kehinde and Adebola Onilude are a young and dynamic couple, both indigenes of Oyo town who occupy a small apartment at Ikotun, a Lagos surbub. Kehinde 32, a former teacher got married to Adebola, 30 on May 23, 2009 with a lot of expectations. One of such expectations was to give birth without stress and their joy knew no bound when Adebola was later confirmed pregnant at a private hospital in Lagos.

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At last, Igboland bids bye to Ogbunigwe, others

The 30-month old Nigeria/Biafra war ended on January 1970, with thousands of people dying on both sides of the internecine conflict. But 40 years after the war ended, death continued to stalk the land and indeed several individuals lost their lives simply because they ignorantly and innocently handled or came in contact with explosives and other weapons of mass destruction left uncleared and unexploded in South East communities since the end of the war.

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Confusion trails expiry date for old currencies

Time was 2.30 pm when the commercial bus took off from Mile 12 to Oshodi on that sunny day. The passengers who were mostly traders were engrossed in sundry conversations when the conductor made an announcement in Yoruba: “Eni ba ni eti meji, ki o gbo o, moto yi o gba owo ati’jo o”( meaning: Whosoever has ears should listen. We do not collect old currency notes in this bus).

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How LASTMA official lost his ear

In what might appear as a curious coincidence, the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) has recently been featuring frequently in the news for the wrong reasons. At least for reasons other than that which informed it being set up by the Lagos State government. For instance a couple of weeks back two of its officials attached to the Iyana Ejigbo unit were involved in separate incidents that claimed the lives of a motorist and a motorcyclist.

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