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Sad songs of Akute pupils sacked by flood

THOUSANDS of residents in Ajegunle area of Ikorodu, Lagos State are still battling with flood following torrential rainfalls in the South Western part of the country. Worst hit are those living in Akute, the boundary between Ogun and Lagos states who are presently counting their loses after being sacked from their homes by the rampaging flood. But the most pathetic are pupils in the area whose schools have been taken over by the flood, forcing them to stay at home.

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Tragic end of a cable thief

IT was a case of everyday for the thief, then comes a day of reckoning. There are many who specialise in vandalising Power Holding Company of Nigeria, PHCN, transformers and stealing cables there. Their criminal exploits in this regard have over time afforded them the opportunity of becoming instant millionaires.

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Alleged membership of witchcraft cult:95-yr-old beaten to death, children dehumanised

CALM, indeed normal quiet community life, is yet to return to Ikpe Ikot Nkon, this once peaceful abode of the ancient cradle of the Ibibio. The scene was one of horror. Panic and confusion reigned everywhere and some people were reportedly seen parking their luggage and then waited to see what was to happen next, while those not ready to take chances immediately fled the village to seek refuge with their kinsmen elsewhere.

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Fire victims count losses, mourn dead colleagues

THE residents of house No. 44 Ijaiyi Street, in Ajeromi Ifelodun Local Government, of Lagos State, were shocked beyond words on Friday, October 14, 2011 as a mysterious fire gutted the one storey building. In fact, they are yet to recover from the shock, especially after taking count of their huge losses in the inferno, including the death of two elderly occupants.

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