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Amnesty and the Niger Delta

By Hessington Okolo According to the Black’s Law Dictionary sixth edition, Amnesty means ‘a sovereign act of forgiveness for past acts, granted by a government to all persons ( or to certain class of persons) who have been guilty of crime or delict, generally political offenses- treason, sedition, rebellion, draft evasion, and often conditioned upon
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Security in Lagos, not yet uhuru

Emmanuel Majebi, Vanguard Law and Human Rights contributor, recently had a sour taste of Lagos robbers, when he was attacked at the Central Business District, Alausa. He recount his experience in this piece. A few months back the Lagos State Government launched the onslaught on insecurity that pervaded Lagos with much fanfare. Corporate bodies fell
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Law, the only weapon against injustice, repression — Fashola, others

By Abdulwahab Abdulah LAGOS State Governor, Mr Raji Fashola (SAN) has said the democratic governance in the country would bring about no development unless the criminal justice system receive appropriate attention from both the state and the citizens. In recognition of this, Governor Fashola has promulgated into law,  the criminal procedure law, which he said
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Investors’ protection in Nigeria: How effective are the laws, policies and dispute resolution system? (3)

By Olarotimi Akeredolu At common law, judicial review of the actions and decisions of administrative and statutory bodies has proven to be a sure way to check abuse of discretionary powers. In line with its statutory powers under the Decree to set up committees for the purpose of carrying out its functions, the SEC established
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