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The North held Nigeria hostage for 35 years, by Jonathan Zwingina

If you are tempted to conclude that Senator Jonathan Zwingina is merely supporting President Goodluck Jonathan because of the name-sake mentality, you would be forgiven. However, for this teacher endowed with oratorical skill, his
arguments regarding the raging issue of zoning would be difficult to fault. “You have been president for 35years but you still have appetite for another four years and you are telling the president who has never tested the presidency not
to have appetite! Can you imagine the incongruity in the argument? If occupation of the presidency gives advantage, what more advantage do you need after having it for 35years?

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Shagari’s Frustration With Corruption in Govt — Olunloyo (2)

In the first part of this interview published last week, we prepared your minds for revelations regarding the following issues raised earlier viz:
What did Shagari tell Olunloyo? What did the Ooni of Ife have to do with the 1983 governorship elections in Oyo State? Who tried to appease Oduduwa shrine with money?
What was Olusegun Obasanjo’s role in that election? Read about Obasanjo’s attitude to money and it will shock you? Do you know how much governors earned during the Second Republic?
Did you know security vote was 50 times the salary of governors?

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Who owns New Nigerian? FG or Northern state govts?

He came up with a report, which said look, take away the liability just like they did with the Daily Times and sell the New Nigerian. Up till now, it hasn’t been done. And so you have a situation where the MD spends three-quarters of his time running around, trying to get promises that the governors have made. So, he has very little time to run the paper.

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Jonathan’s Purported Aspiration : Why the Middle Belt is now for South-South, by Ameh Ebute

Senator Ameh Ebute may not command the feisty, bullish mannerism of a radical but his thoughts are! Leading a new coalition – National Movement for Equality and Change – Ebute, who replaced Iyorchia Ayu as Senate President at the height of the annulment of the June 12 Presidential elections won by MKO Abiola, insists that what his group is doing now is not about opportunism. “What informed this movement is the fact that Nigeria has existed for 50years and we also discovered going through history, that a particular area of the country had dominated governance and the political leadership of the country.

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In 5 yrs, Enugu orthopaedics amputate 235, says Dr. Katchy

These things will not show in the x-ray but when the surgeon looks at the x-ray, he knows exactly what has happened. So, if you have a fracture that has ruptured a blood vessel and you go to the native bone setter and you are manipulating the patient, he may lose the limb. If you had gone to the hospital and the doctor sees it, he will immediately know that his patient will require an artery repair.

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Attahiru Jega To RECS: Falsify Results And Go To Jail

Getting this interview done came with its own peculiar circumstances. After ceaselessly speaking with Kayode Idowu, a colleague and Chief Press Secretary to Professor Attahiru Jega, national chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, and agreeing on an appointment for Thursday, Sunday Vanguard landed in Abuja earlier that day only to be told the appointment might no longer hold. Shocking! However, after much persuasion and Jega, coming from a background of immense accommodation, agreed to talk to Sunday Vanguard but with a caveat. That, you need not know! In this interview, the first since his appointment as INEC boss, Jega spat fire. Words like ‘sanction’, ‘penalize’, ‘deal with such individuals’, ‘criminal offence’, were freely used by Jega to demonstrate his resolve to deliver to Nigerians a credible election. His words: “As far as I am concerned, what I am saying is that if I have more time, I will deliver a better result;

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Davv Notch‘ll deliver in 48 months — Hon Ochei

The engineering takes 60 per cent of the building of the plant. You have another 25 per cent that goes into procurement and the least of all, I am talking about 15 per cent is the construction. But what do you want to construct when you don’t have a design because every detail must be taken into cognizance? It’s not a thing you do in a haste because it’s plant that must be in operation for years and run without hindrance.

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