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Why eradicating tropical diseases and making inventors in Nigeria is an urgent task

Dr.Alphonsus Ekwerike, Nigerian born, American Clinical Researcher and Neuro-endocrinology Professor, the creator of Invention Technology professional courses who discovered the NASA-WISE-IASC index main belt asteroids 2010 TL 78 and CFH 1472 in the US is on a mission of letting an ultimate vision of a new Nigeria come through innovations, eradication of tropical diseases and poverty.

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I have done a song that will live after me – Jaywon

To the average music follower in Nigeria, Jaywon needs no introduction. His fans nicknamed him “Oba Onitinko” after he dropped his debut album, Tinko Angel. Also ‘Oluwajuwonlo’ came into the limelight courtesy of that popular song, ‘Fi-Le-Be’ which made Kenny Ogungbe to sign him on. Jaywon, who recently spoke with our reporter IYABO AINA said he has done a song that will live after him.

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IVF babies are normal babies – Dr Ajayi

The world of infertility is full of compassionate people who have dealt with the struggle of infertility with couples on a deep, personal level. They have felt so touched by their experiences and challenges that they have pursued this career path with passion as is the case of Dr. Abayomi Ajayi, Managing Director/Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at Nordica Fertility Centre, Lagos.

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