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Freedom after 34 days: Abductors treated me like a leper – Kogi High Court Justice Obayomi

That the Kogi State High Court judge, Justice Samuel Obayomi, kidnapped by gunmen on May 25, has been freed is no longer news, but the motive behind the abduction has continued to raised dust. While some people believe that the saga is one of the abductions that have became a regular feature of the state in recent times, others think it has community and duty connection.

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Return of violent crimes in Lagos?

First, was the bank robbery operation at the high brow Lekki area, penultimate Thursday. Commercial activities went on at usual, with workers looking forward to retiring home in the evening , when all of a sudden, some fierce looking gunmen, said to have come in through the lagoon, into an empty but fenced land beside a shopping complex which borders two second generation banks , by the Lekki round about , end of the bridge, came visiting.

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