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Our leaders are wicked

By Ebele Orakpo At Egbeda Bus stop Thursday, the usual Lagos traffic was gradually building up and everyone was praying to get home before the heavens opened its bowels with heavy downpour. Suddenly, a newspaper vendor passed with some of his wares on display. The bold headline of one of the national dailies caught the
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Mathematics of World Cup qualification

If Mike Eneramo has not missed that cross in the dying minutes, Nigeria would have scored. But I’m sure that by the time they come to Abuja, they will use basket to carry the goals we will score against them,” he boasted, waxing more and more confident.
A parliamentarian Francis Igwe, however, disagreed with him.

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Once upon a June 12

Parliamentarian Toye Farounbi took it up from there by making a strong case for June 12 instead of May 29 to be recognised as the real Democracy Day. “Nobody can take away the importance of June 12 in this country. That is why I praise the efforts of those who make sure it’s remembered every year.

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