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STRIPE it up!

For men who wish to express their styles with more than just solid colours, stripe has always been the way out. Stripes help you stay conservative with style, thereby distinguishing you from the crowd clad in solid colours like green, blue or white shirts. Although they are relatively easy to pull off, certain rules must be kept in mind when wearing stripes.

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Between two and three-button suit

In buying a single-breasted suit, one of the first decisions you’ll ever have to make is whether you are interested in a two or three- button model. Though the 3-button suit has held sway from time immemorial due to its conventionality, the 2-button which is weighted heavily towards style has been increasingly in vogue in recent times

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UNDERWEAR… The genesis of style

A confident and cohesive sense of style begins not with the latest designer outfit you wear, but with the underwear you put underneath it. Your underwear is invisible doesn’t mean it should be underrated because if you must know, it speaks louder about your sense of style and hygiene more than the Gucci jean or Emporio Armani tee you wear

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Blazing on BLAZERS

By Gift Gabriel Show me a man with no blazer in his wardrobe, and I will show you a man without swag. Blazers have become a wardrobe staple now more than ever, and are one fashion piece that can be worn with no stress at all. You know why? Blazers fit into all occasions- whether
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