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Women who Hit

WHENEVER there is talk of domestic violence, a common standing joke is of women who beat their husbands up. Definitely a very uncommon phenomenon, there is every possibility of seeing a rise in the phenomenon in our society in the near future.

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I eloped with JP Clark- Prof. Ebun Clark

MRS Ebun Clark has modelled her life after four remarkable female academics, accomplished individuals who, for the sake of modesty and their privacy, have mostly avoided the public eye. Amongst these are Professor Bolanle Awe of the Ibadan University, Professor Mrs Olurin and Professor Oyin Elebute of the Lagoon hospitals.

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Soap Operas are Good for You

You feel you are in their lives, those sometimes doubtful characters that live inside your television and get you holding your breath every so often when you watch them. You get sucked in, too involved. You take sides in the conflicts. You feel their fears, tensions, joy.

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The Art of the Kitchen

As the global obsession for interior and spaces design hits Nigeria at last, there is no where in which it hits the woman more than in the kitchen. Today’s woman plays harder and works harder, leaving little time to heave and sweat over some hot stove. The easier the kitchen, the easier the life will be the new mantra of the modern Nigerian woman. What makes a modern kitchen?

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The Jonathan Gals

As if president Goodluck Jonathan has not made enough history, he comes down once again as only Nigerian president living or dead who appointed so many women into his cabinet.

Yet, the women in Jonathan’s cabinet are more of the same: political appointees brought on to fill the quota. Fortunately every last one of them are of no mean accomplishments in their own rights. What chances do they have of proving having women on board will make a significant difference? It’s been a hundred days, so who will hit the ground running?

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DSK vs. NAFISAT: The Review

It would have been the perfect case, particularly given the crime scene, as it were. The French had a poor (or no) history of giving up their indicted. Creative America was still smarting from the Roman Polanski, the hugely talented French-Polish movie director, producer and actor who was arrested in 1977 for the sexual abuse of a 13-year-old girl and pleaded guilty to the charge of unlawful sex with a minor. To avoid sentencing, Polanski had fled to his home in London, and then moved on to France.

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Do It Like Nollywood: Get skin like Rita, body like Ini Edo and legs like Kate

Rita Dominic’s heavenly skin is even more famous than her luscious lips, get-lost eyes and sweet voice and acting ability. Once asked the secret, she replies:”Bright skin?. I’ve always been called silky skin and you even used to call me that. I thank my parents for my skin. I’ve been using the same cream for about five years now. Two years ago, I added a few things to my beauty regimen.

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