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Reportage The Cost of Motherhood

Over the last 30 years, female employment has become increasingly important in maintaining the living standards of households on low to middle incomes (LMIs). Female employment falls significantly behind some of our international competitors among women over 50 and women with children.

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Profiles: Celebrating Olympic Women

With just a few weeks to go in the countdown to the so-called greatest show on earth, more women than ever are going to be competing for glory and country in :London this summer. Some women in time past made this happen, and it’s time to celebrate these women who put Nigerian women on the map of global sports.

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Merit Always Wins – Taiwo Ajayi-Lycett

Though she reached the golden age of three score and a decade last year, legendary actress Taiwo-Ajayi Lycett is far from retired, let alone tired. Her signature easy elegance still intact, she shuttles between her two homes in Lagos and England, seeing to family affairs, state affairs and of course cultural affairs. Our date- under the century old trees of her Lagos garden- begins with her decrying the new threat of terrorism on the media.

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Giving Birth at Home Q & A

With rising costs of hospital births and ward mix ups, it is becoming an increasingly attractive option to have the baby at home. Even then, there are different options, with other benefits including having the opportunity to take care of older kids, giving birth in familiar environment and better care from doctor and family members. But what does it entail?

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Okonjo-Iweala and the World Bank top spot

Apparently, Nigerian female minister and erstwhile candidate for the World Bank presidency is all too accustomed to keeping bad company. A seemingly lone light in the murky waters that most agree government in Nigeria has progressively become, it is becoming funny, to say the least, that Ngozi Okonjo Iwealla always seems to be on the defensive.

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