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Rescuing private health care from imminent collapse

Today in Nigeria, the sorry state of the country’s health care system has left many Nigerians with the option of seeking medical treatment overseas. The reason is not far-fetched as majority of them have lost hope in the health care delivery of the country. The decision to go abroad is predicated on the conviction that, hospitals in the choice country are better equipped for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

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Living with schizophrenia

On the 10th of October, it will be World Mental Health Day. This is a day set aside by the World Health Organisation, WHO, for people all over the world to focus on the importance of Mental Health to human society, and to pay especial attention to the scourge represented by Mental Illness in all its varieties.

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Without regulation, IVF treatment is unsustainable

Infertility remains a source of social, mental and emotional distress and especially some Sub Saharan Africa where a high premise is placed on child-bearing. The treatment of infertility has advanced and a lot of hope has been brought to many families who hitherto might not have had any chance of child bearing with the advent of Assisted Reproductive Technology, ART.

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