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It’s the menopause, not the end

Even as a woman,Oluwatope has always had very little knowledge about the biological make up of a woman. She knew absolutely nothing about the menarche and puberty and even less about menstrual periods until as a 12–year-old, she woke up one morning and saw blood stains on her night dress and bed sheets. “I didn’t know what happened but I was really scared when I saw the blood.

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Managed Healthcare Pay your contribution now and get covered in retirement

Last year, President Goodluck Jonathan mandated the National Health Insurance Scheme, NHIS, to achieve coverage for 30 percent of Nigerians by 2015. But, in-house, the Executive Secretary and Chief Executive Officer of the NHIS, Dr. Martins Oluwafemi Thomas decided to stretch the mandate to 40 percent through which, at least 70.8 million Nigerians will be reached. He speaks on the mandate and a host o frelated issues

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