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“All lumps are guilty until proven cancer free”

An estimated 20,000 breast cancer cases are recorded in Nigeria annually. Only annual screening guarantees prevention of untimely death. Today, more Nigerian women are aware of their breast health and breast cancer; however, some damaging myths exist that misinform on the benefits of early detection and seeking prompt care. In commemoration of the World Cancer Day, Sebbeccly Cancer Care is dispelling common myths around the disease by promoting breast awareness, and helping people understand the benefits of early detection and treatment.

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Who is sick in Nigeria?

So what does WHO mean by saying that health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being? What are those daily and “taken-for-granted”signs and symptoms of lack of health or sickness that we exhibit in our homes, in the offices, on the road, in our communities, among the high and the low?

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