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Flood, bad roads grind Lagos to a halt

Meanwhile, some youths are making brisk business at the bus stops by ferrying people across the road on their backs through the flood for a fee. One of the lads told Vanguard that he gets enough to feed himself and help the family by directing vehicles away from the craters covered by the flood and ferrying people across the road on his back.

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Oshiomhole employs 400 graduates

The governor, who, however, regretted that the 18 local government councils in the state refused to support the state government in the YES programme, appealed to the state House of Assembly to prevail on the council chairmen to be involved in the programme, saying that “the goal of all of us must be how to execute projects that will be beneficial to the generality of our people”.

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Militants bomb Shell facilities again

* MEND claims 23 soldiers killed *No soldier was killed – JTF By Emma Amaize WARRI – MILITANTS in the early hours of today bombed an off-shore platform of the Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) located at Forcados in Delta State and purportedly sunk a military gun boat carrying between 20-23 soldiers, a claim that
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