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Vocation and technical education – A key to improving Nigeria’s development (3)

An entrepreneur is a person who makes plans for a business or a piece of work and gets it going. Anyanwuocha (2001) observes that the entrepreneur is the chief co-ordinator, controller and organizer of the production process. The entrepreneur combines other factors of production (land, capital and others) in such a way as to obtain maximum production of goods and services at minimum costs.

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Shareholders will benefit from our new investment – Akindele

Mr. Adebola Akindele is the Group Managing Director,Courteville Business Solutions Plc, a quoted company on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE). He spoke to capital market correspondents on the benefits of the company’s new investment tagged ‘Egole’, and other issues that affect shareholders’ returns on investment after his return from London where some quoted companies on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) participated in the African and Caribbean 2012 London Business Expo.

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Self-Assessment Practice in Nigeria

The self-assessment tax system was introduced in the Nigerian tax laws in 1991 with operational effect in 1992 and initially restricted to a threshold of taxpayers and extended to the rest in 1998. However it was not until 2011 that its implementation became effective, through a Project based system. The Self assessment system requires that:-

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