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FIFA’s U-17 entertainment centre opens in Lagos

If you think football is all that the U-17 World Cup is about, you might have to think again, especially if you reside in or plan to visit Lagos during the tournament. The Local Organising Committee of the U-17 FIFA Championship, Lagos sub-seat, in partnership with Multimedia marketing Concepts Limited have announced the opening of a 15-hour daily entertainment center to compliment the global host.

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6000 + line up for AMBO ‘09

Over 6,000 wannabee Nollywood stars have so far registered for the 2009 edition of the very popular Amstel Malta Box Office, AMBO. The reality TV programme, sponsored by Amstel Malta, the low sugar malt drink for men and women of class was launched last week with a call for entry from potential Nollywood Stars. This number is expected to increase this week as the call for entry draws to a close this weekend.

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