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Uche is Gulder Ultimate man!

As the Americans would say, it was too close to call as last two remaining heroes Melvin and Uche matched each other strength for strength and wit for wits. Unlike in the last five seasons where the first hero who got to where the treasure was hidden never found it, this time, both took off and arrived the location almost the same time and began searching.

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Update: MTN project fame, 4 on probation

The contestants, though thrilled the over 400 live audience with an overwhelming delivery of their songs had their performances under critical assessment from the judges which comprise of Chief Executive Officer, Nigezie, Femi Aderibigbe, International singer and performer from Ghana, Bibie Brew and top Nigerian music producer, Tayo Ibitoye ‘TY MIX’.

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Sunset for top Yoruba actress, Remi Abiola

Remi Abiola who was said to have been married to the late politician and acclaimed winner of the annulled June 12 Presidential election in 1992, was brought to the U.S. by Otunba Tai Balofin, the publisher of the New York based publication_The Third Eye (now defunct) last year, to receive an award of excellence alongside other prominent Yoruba genre actors and actresses.

At the end of the award, she decided to

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