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KC Ejelonu going soft on Lynxx?

For KC, love may be looking like hip-hop singer, Lynxx, whom KC openly gushed over in her tweet “ Hehehe, we always clown out and a minute spent with Lynxx has always put smile on my face”. KC has said her kind of man doesn’t have to be dark or tall or something, all she wanted “someone who is God-fearing and educated because I need that person to motivate me. I want to learn new things from that person. I need someone who will love his family” she said.

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Fan slams Olamide for dress sense

Olamide, Iove you and I am totally a fan but why do you have to dress like this? At the stage you are in your career now you should dress responsibly and classy, irrespective of how expensive your dresses are. I am sure everybody has a personal style but I think you should check yours. And please stop sagging – you look like a 10-year old”.This comment followed a picture Olamide posted on Instagram.

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